Blum Aventos HK-XS Lift Mechanisml With Panel and Door Mounting Plate

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Product Overview

  • Well Suited for Small Wall Cabinets

  • Cabinet Height from 9 3/8 to 24 inches tall

  • Required minimum Interior Depth 5"

  • Designed for use with BLUMOTION Hinges(Not inculded)

  • Symmetrical Lift Mechanism- can be used on one or both sides

  • Kit includes: 1-Lift Mechanism B20K1301, 1-Panel Mounting Plate B20K5101, 1-Door Mounting Plate B20K4101, and 4-7 X 5/8 screws.

Aventos HK-XS is a small, cost effective lift system which can be used in applications ranging from shallow depth wall cabinets above refrigerators to those deep cabinets like pantries - all with varying front designs and materials.If the Door needs to held in an up position then the HK-XS could be the hardware you have been looking for. You just need to pick the correct Power Factor. To find the Power Factor or PF required for your door, multiple the weight of door in pounds and ounces(expressed as a decimal) plus two times the handle weight times the height of the door in inches. (Example 9 pound 6 ounce door with a handle that weight 3 ounces and a height of 12. (9.4 + .2 + .2) X 12 = 9.8 X 12 = 117.6 PF. If you have a high PF two mechanisms can be used on one door if necessary.